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More dull showbiz news in local newspapers – Touch my bumper

Car Dealer Magazine: One of the Cheeky Girls is now working for a car dealership in York Touch my bumper, this is life. That’s it. That’s the joke. ______________ Newcastle Chronicle: Ant and Dec spotted sitting the wrong way round at Newcastle football match “Human sacrifice! Dogs and Cats living together! Ant and Dec the […]

Just none cornettos, illegal sprinkles and other stories

Another week, another parade of people who have thought – for one reason or another – that their lives could be improved by taking their problems to their local news organisation and pointing angrily at the thing that made them angry. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Stoke Sentinel: NHS worker absolutely furious as […]

Dull Showbiz News in Local Newspapers

You can never have too many news stories about Peter Andre being spotted in supermarkets. This is a useful public service in which readers are able to avoid the crowds until the proper authorities have got a grip on things. And it’s also a good measure of how dull the press is prepared to go […]

Ron’s Gone Wrong and other stories

So, I spotted this bus outside IKEA, and – frankly – it was asking for it.

Oh Lordy, it’s another Best of APILN post – 27 September

We might as well kick off with the important stuff. Where were you in 1987? ________________________________________ Bristol Post: Locals upset as post office and post box close Some of the finest mugging to camera you are ever likely to witness. ________________________________________ Anonymous Google Maps vandalism is on a par with Wikipedia vandalism, and is a […]

Best of Angry People in Local Newspapers – 17 September 2021

Now that we’ve kicked out the spammers and got this site working again, we’d better get our money’s worth and offer actual content. So here’s the best angry stories which have crossed our radar in the last week or so. Wales Online (and everywhere else): Police called after kids chalk hopscotch grid onto pavement Obviously, […]

The really very important APILN submission guide

So you’ve found a funny news story to submit to Angry People in Local Newspapers. We get hundreds of submissions every day, which we whittle down to about ten or so for your delight and/or fury. The whole idea is that APILN is a fun look at people’s everyday frustrations about BINS, parking, pencil-necked desk […]

I found some stupid photos and some kids who are not binoculars

Look, still trying to find out if this website is working as it should, so here’s a load of stupid crap to keep you happy. Yeah, alright the New York Times, stop showing off. Sweet baby Jebus, this looks important. Haven’t we all, at some time or other, had our brioche stolen by a hungry […]

A big bunch of angry people, in local newspapers

It’s June, and we don’t update this site enough. So here we are with the best of recent posts. Edinburgh Evening News: New volleyball court at school is ruining quality of life Fingers in ears. A classic of the genre. We just dislike volleyball on grounds of taste. Epsom Guardian: Mum VOWS NEVER TO RETURN […]

We’re back and people are still pointing at things

We thought it was high time we grabbed our website back from the spammers, and it might even be working now. Any road up, people are still pointing at things, and it is our duty to point and laugh. Northampton Chronicle: Woman is furious because council workers didn’t rake up grass cuttings outside her house […]