We always want to hear from you if you think that you have found something worthy of being featured on the Angry People In Local Newspapers Facebook page and blog!

Please bear in mind that the editor’s decision is final, and also that he makes the rules as he goes along. However, there are a few basic rules to bear in mind:

  • An accompanying photo is an ABSOLUTE MUST, and as you can probably imagine the subject in the photo needs to look as angry, pissed off, miffed, wound up, baggy or just f*cking melt-like as possible.
  • NO HATRED / RACIST SH*T! We know what the Internet is like, and even the simplest story about a lovable squirrel from Dorset entering the World Snooker Championship can turn into a discussion of race of Enoch Powell proportions. If there is even the slightest chance that your submission could descend into a Facebook ‘send them all back and protect are cuntry’ sort of discussion, it won’t get in.

That about covers it actually. Please remember that we get around 25,000 submissions per day (latest estimate) and as such please don’t get all huffy puffy if we cannot feature your story or even get back to you with a reply. We’ve tried making small talk with everyone before – it didn’t end well.

Now onto the good stuff! The best place to submit your story and get it noticed is through our Facebook page here. Once you have liked our page and added the usual notification for APILN to automatically come at the top of your news feed forever and ever and ever, you can send us your links by posting directly on the wall – please keep an eye out to check if someone hasn’t already sent the same link to us.

The really funny stuff usually gets sent to us a hundred times over. We always try and name the spotter whenever we can, but sooner or later you will see a post marked as ‘Everyone’ – this is when our Facebook wall goes into meltdown because a story has caused such a huge amount of hilarity.

On the other hand, if you would rather send us a story the ol’ fashioned way (not in the post, but by email), please complete the following form:

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