Have we stumbled across the new Ron?

There is only one Ron.

Ron is the pensioner who found himself at the wrong end of a £900 bill from Virgin Media for smutty films he swear he never watched, and his face in the Manchester Evening News has made him a cult star in certain internet circles.

APILN: Everything you will ever need to know about Ron

Ron is innocent.

And every now and then, a new picture comes along that is slated to be the New Ron (like every talented Northern Irish footballer who is The New George Best).

And like these New George Bests, the New Rons all fail to deliver because they do not have the inate Ronness of poor innocent Ron.

But let me show you this contender.

Newbury Today: Virgin Media have sent us a bill for £900 for sexy tap water I swear I didn’t drink

Actually, it’s the struggle becoming real in the Conservative heartlands of West Berkshire, where this couple in Newbury have been advised to drink bottled water for the duration over fears that recent works have led to contamination of his supply.

He needs the water because he’s not a well man, but the through-the-kitchen-window shot of dismay and mild disappointment at the people who have duffed up their pipes makes this one a true contender.

Marks out of ten? It’s all about the despairing look on Mrs NewRon’s face if you ask me.

What has she seen? What does she know?

Then there’s French Underpants Ron. Or Renaud.

“Stay away from me with your 900 euro Virgin Media bill! I swear I did not watch those smutty films. Your mother was an hamster etc etc”