YouTube Comment Reconstructions is still the best of YouTube ever


From the seething ocean of YouTube comments emerged YouTube Comment Reconstructions, and four years on, it is still a work of beauty.

For the uninitiated, it is a video series in which genuine serious actors reconstruct the hellish horror that happens below the line on YouTube, bringing them the gravitas they clearly do not deserve.

Episode 1: One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

The delivery of the line “Go eat a shit” is more deserving of an Academy Award than any so-called film actor in the Academy’s history.

And there is more:

Episode 2: GoPro Fireman Saves Kitten

The beauty is that the quality never dips throughout the series, leading us to the climax that is..

Episode 12: Finale

We urge you to hunt down the entire series. You will not be disappointed.

Oh yes, “Go and die under a tree”.