Woman says binmen took the mickey out her her sign requesting more recycling bags


Bins. The sure-fire way of getting angry people running to their local newspaper.

And when the service industry workers don’t know their place at the bottom of the social pile, then the fury is all the greater.

All she did was ask for more recycling sacks.

Leicester Mercury:¬†Woman claims bin man mocked her ‘More bags please’ sign by dancing around with it over his head and throwing in onto a neighbour’s drive

Fair grounds for fury, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But wait… what’s this? Zoom in, computer.

My god. Zoom in 10x, please computer.

Guilty as charged.

Any bin lorry operator with the standard Masters Degree is English has every right to display his disgust at such a basic grammatical error, through the medium of dancing around with it over his head and throwing it into a neighbour’s garden.

No bin bags for you, lady.



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