Woman locked in bank – now with video!


Poor Cat Slater.

Not only does she have to go through life sharing a name with someone out of EastEnders (presumably with people bawling “YOU’RE NOT MY MUM!” at her), but she’s now become world famous around Manchester for getting locked in a bank.

And, of course, the BBC is there:

Locked in the bank in Salford. Oops. 🏦

Posted by BBC North West on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In the words of the Chuckle Brothers: “Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear”.

And here’s the original story from the Manchester Evening News:

Manchester Evening News: Woman locked in bank after staff forget she’s on the phone in a back room and go home for the night

Of course, only idiots get locked inside things, says the man who one got locked in his own garage, his own toilet and his own office on three separate occasions.


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