Woman curled up in tiny ball of embarrassment after ordering tiny kitchen utensils from Ebay


Ebay regret. We’ve all done it.

We’ve all bought something without properly reading the description, and ended up (in my case) with a camera tripod made out of drinking straws, or a gigantic Stay-Puft marshmallow man.

Nottingham Post: Bargain jug and glasses bought from Ebay turn out to be dolls house sized 

After clicking ‘buy it now’ on her phone she thought no more of the incident, until a very small package arrived a few days later.

“I just saw the package on the floor and thought oh no what have I done now.”

Unfortunately, the embarrassment of this little story going worldwide as led to mum deleting her Ebay account, which is a crying shame.

And there seems to be something in the water around Nottingham when it comes to online tat market Ebay…

Nottingham Post: Bloke buys photo of Xbox from Ebay scammer for £450

Yes, he’s an idiot and admits it, but Ebay scammers are genuinely scum of the Earth who should be [standard APILN crimefighting suggestion coming up] forced through a kitchen strainer, turned into soup, and the soup poured down the drain.

And here’s the reason why: Mrs Apiln bought a hairdryer from an Ebay seller “brand new in original box” recently. It was clapped out and old, and in a box which had originally shipped knickers to Primark.

Seller’s excuse: “It was brand new to me, and that’s the box I got it in. Your move.”

Money back, seller’s account deleted.

So. Anybody want a really shit hairdryer, though?