With all of Sheffield’s problems solved, residents hit out at mess caused by council grass cutting


This story is absolutely textbook when it comes to angry pointing, and needs to be preserved for the ages.

The British Library is unlikely to take it, so here we are with some of the finest fury ever committed to newsprint.

Sheffield Star: Residents recoil in horror at the mess left by council grass cutters

And who can blame them?

“It gets in the drains and clogs them up. In this year, the 10th anniversary of the Sheffield floods, have we learned no lessons regarding blocking up the drains, or do we want some more floods?”

No. We do not want more floods.

But there’s a far bigger issue in play than losing your home to raging torrents of water:

“Mr Marshall said residents along Basegreen Avenue are having to sweep it off their drives and pavements to prevent it staining their shoes and being trailed into their houses.”

Mother of God.

But both are correct. This is what happened last time somebody didn’t clear up grass cuttings and walked them all over the house:

This is a genuine news image from the Daily Express.

You guessed it. God was FURIOUS.

Clean up your grass cuttings, council folk.


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