Why oh why oh why can’t we have free dog poo bags any more?


Bear with us.

We’re posting this one not for the issues surrounding council funding and the provision of free dog poo backs to pet owners.

Oh no, we’re posting this one because of the idiot look on the dog’s face.

Leader Weekly: Anger at council plan to scrap free dog poo bags as part of cost-cutting measures

Incidentally, idiot-looking dog is genuinely called Lummox, and we have obtained this exclusive quote: “Herp derp a herp derp a derp”.

We looked through our archives for more dog poo stories and unearthed this little gem, back from the days when 239 pixels for a photo was enough for anybody:

Bedfordshire on SundayLook at our dog poo collection, say angry couple as reporter accidentally makes eye contact

“We’ve seen a number of people with their dogs who mess everywhere including in gardens. They keep using a telegraph pole at the front of our house as a peeing pole.”

Yeah, but what about the dogs?



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