‘Why does our town smell of wee?’ – The APILN Daily 2 November


BINS! Clothes pegs on noses! Poppy fury! Here’s today’s crop for stories from Angry People in Local newspapers.

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Eastern Daily Press: Neighbours prank nine-year-old boy by hiding a brussels sprout in his Halloween chocolate

Revenge is coming, and it is going to be served cold (mainly because he’s not allowed to use his mum’s cooker)

Mansfield Chad: Resident fears changes to bin collections will cause rat infestation

Textbook BINS outrage.

Gold Coast Bulletin: Northern Gold Coast suburb has a distinct smell of urine

Clothes peg on the nose. That’s winning.

Wales Online: Proud Welshman feared he might have to take down his flag and metal dragon after a complaint

Nice bit of Welsh gammon.

Eastern Daily Press: Schoolgirl, 13, banned from wearing ‘too large’ knitted poppy at strict Norfolk academy

Home you go!

Stroud News and Journal: People turn up on the day that their local tip is closed to find out that their local tip is closed.

It’s closed, dammit.

Wiiral Globe: Tree felling in West Kirby ‘an act of vandalism’

That’s proper good sadfacing.

Oxford Mail: Residents say green will be ‘destroyed’ by new tree

Narrator’s voice: It will not.

Shields Gazette: Disabled pensioner hit with parking fine while at South Shields Town Hall renewing her disabled parking pass

Irony, thy name is South Shields Council.


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