Who’s dumping bottles into our school hedge?


Somebody’s dumping glass into a hedge near a Huddersfield school, and this chap fears for the safety of the kiddiewinks.

Whisky. Wine. Empty marmalade jars. You know exactly what this is pointing to.

Paddington Bear’s hit Skid Row.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner: Who’s dumping empty bottles near junior school?

Alternatively, it could be a smear campaign by UKIP to blacken the name of Paddington Bear, what with him being a symbol of an immigrant successfully integrating into society. Because that could happen.

At least they’re not full of trucker juice…

Bicester Advertiser and Review: Locals shocked – SHOCKED – to discover that free bottles of shandy found at roadside are not actually shandy

The best containers are actually one litre milk cartons, the hole at the top is roomy enough and …err… said too much.


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