Want to feel old? It’s six years to the day that Fenton ran amok in Richmond Park


November 2011 was a more innocent age. An age where a dog could chase after a herd of deer and the only argument was over whether it was Fenton or Benton.

And that age was six years ago today, where an internet meme could turn up one day and be completely forgotten the next.

(But we’ll never forget you Gregg Jevin, RIP)

Here we go, 46 seconds of schadenfreude:

A proper work of tragic art, I think you’ll agree.

It’s something that a renaissance artist would have struggled to capture.

And then, naturally came the Fenton parodies.

Jurassic Fenton:

The Fenton Menace:

Fenton of the Lost Bark:

And of course, Hitler discovers his dog has been chasing deer in in Richmond Park:

However, we’re not looking forward to Fenton Boxing Day tomorrow. It’s nothing but curried Fenton with re-heated veg.

Count your blessings. In 2017, we’d probably find out that Fenton is racist.


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