They decapitated our swan. Our swan is gone – APILN 14 November


Fibre glass water fowl heads! That bloke with the BMW Five Series Estate (again)! And a classic case of school Home You Go anger! It’s the best stories from Angry People in Local Newspapers.

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Plymouth Herald: Plymouth Herald readers wade in after well-known man around the Plympton area who drives a BMW Five Series estate complains over service in their local KFC restaurant

He’s still wearing his car coat indoors.

That’s because he can’t get it off because a prankster superglued his hand to the KFC bucket.

Hull Daily Mail: Mum’s fury as daughter is kicked out of her class because of her earrings

In which mother takes her out of school in protest against a punishment, then worries that she’s going to fail her exams.


Cornwall Live: Egyptian man shouted at by Cornish bus driver after he used the phrase “me ‘ansum'”

He said he believed intolerance to foreigners has escalated since the Brexit referendum, even against those who are not even from Europe.

“I think the hatred has increased, from the way people look at me and their tone,” he said. “Since the Brexit, the attitude has become hostile.

“I am sick and tired of it. I know and understand the Cornish have a grievance against the English but people need to be educated. I don’t cause trouble and don’t know why trouble follows me.

Brexit – the gift that keeps on giving.

Cumbria News and Star: Busker almost hit by falling tree in Carlisle

He looks pretty pleased about it, to be honest.

Gloucestershire Live: Man FUMMIN at police response after spotting his stolen bicycle for sale on Facebook

“They were asking me what I wanted to do, which I found a bit weird”

You are right. That is weird.

Exmouth Journal: Outrage as town’s ornamental swan is beheaded


You don’t realise how difficult it actually is to spell that badly.

ABC News: Suspected arsonist ‘used underpants to set fire to speed camera’

We’ve all done it.

Then gone home without any underpants.



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