The Libyan Army plays God Save The Queen for Boris Johnson and it is pure gold (by which we mean completely awful)


Boris Johnson is in Libya, where he’s telling local warlords to stop thinking about personal ambition and to work for the good of the country.

Yeah, that Boris Johnson who drove around in a bus with a big fat porky about £350 million on the side before the EU referendum.

So the Libyan Army honoured him with a rendition of God Save The Queen, and it is beautiful.

Please be standing to attention.

Libyan Army's God Save The Queen

The Libyan Army band gives a unique rendition of God Save The Queen for Boris Johnson – you'll want the sound on for this one.

Posted by BBC News on Friday, August 25, 2017

You really ought to excuse the Libyan Army band, because they’ve been quite busy of late with more important things, such as fighting Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and various bands of dacoits and ne’er-do-wells who fancy shooting at anybody who disagrees with them.

Rehearsal time for a simple major-key melody has been at a premium.

But the undisputed kings of mangling foreign national anthems is the Egyptian Army.

Here they are all playing different versions of Russia’s anthem as Vladimir Putin tries to keep a straight face.

And here they are tackling (at knee-height, studs up) La Marseillaise, which is about the blood of enemies flowing in the gutter. Which, as far as this rendition goes, is pretty appropriate.

No wonder President Hollande gave up the job soon after.

That’s before we get to the world’s most ridiculous anthem – The Star Spangled Banner.

Performed here in Saudi Arabia for a visit by Donald Trump, it’s hard to work out if it’s a deliberate insult to the current president, or if the band only met for the first time that morning.

I’m going to be kind and go for the latter.


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