The best worst election campaign video you will ever see


This is Greg Knight. As far as we know, he is a real person.

He is standing in the General Election for the Conservative Party in the East Yorkshire constituency, where he is the standing MP.

Real people voted for him. In their droves.

For reasons that escape us, he makes his own promotional videos, and has his own theme tune of which he appears to be very proud.

It is very, very, very special and we implore you to watch until the end.

This Conservative election video has to be watched to be believed – make sure you have the sound on and stay to the end – it's only 60 seconds but what a 60 seconds!

Posted by B3ta on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

And because we love you here’s a Brucie Bonus…

Beat me with a badminton racket and call me Julia, it’s only his 2017 election theme tune in its full three minutes and 35 seconds glory!

In the name of impartiality, we are unable neither to endorse Mr Knight as a candidate, nor dismiss him as a fruitloop with questionable acting skills and worse taste in music. But at least he’s keen.

Other political parties are available.


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