The Best of APILN Volume 2

Here’s some more of the best stories to have featured on APILN over the years.

That time everybody in Wigan went mad over the keys to the parish noticeboard

Wigan Today (2016): With all the world’s problems solved, local groups come to fisticuffs over the lock on the parish notice board

That time the rubber fetishists of Kidderminster failed to convince the world that it’s a game the whole family can play

Kidderminster Shuttle (2016): Something about pollution, I dunno, just look at the picture. LOOK AT IT

That time when the only clue to a shed break-in in a lonely West Country community was this fried egg

The Cornishman (2015): Fried egg left at scene of shed break-in

That time Australia’s NT News illustrated a story about a poo in a taxi with an actual photograph of an arse (arse is model’s own)

NT News (2014): Man cuts off a length in the back of a taxi

That time a bloke who claims a fox attacked him on the loo agreed to reconstruct the scene of the crime as accurately as possible

Bromley News Shopper (2013): Man attacked on the toilet by a fox

Join us again as we delve deeper into our Archive Of Actual Shame.