The best of Angry People in Local Newspapers Volume 1

We’ve been doing this for the best part of eight years, so you’ve probably missed some real gems among the 10,000 or so posts we’ve featured. So – you lucky people – here are some of the very best.

Metro (2015): Mum’s ‘Animal’ pyjamas missing a couple of vital letters round the back of the waistband

Please, we’ll have no jokes about the Chocolate Cavern round here.

But we ask – what kind of person goes to the press to show off the fact that there’s a reference to bum-fun on the back door of her PJs?

Kent Online: Couple are sleeping outside to protect their stuff after thieves steal their gate

Among the high-value items he is guarding is a potato on a stick.

“Stay away from my potato on a stick,” he tells local journalists.

Later, he found his potato on a stick was missing.

Bury Times (2017): Family return from Holiday from Hell

Hell, in this case, was a chemist’s shop in 1974, and they had to wait two weeks to get the photos back. This is the only one that came out and it is cursed.

Not just plain cursed. Curs-ed.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus (2016): Woman left with bruised leg after being followed by a hungry goat after their shopping

Yes, we know what you’re thinking, and we’re thinking it too. We don’t think much of the new family in Emmerdale.

Edmonton Journal (2015): Neighbours don’t like the idea of a library opposite their homes, and who can blame them?

We love a good NIMBY story, and this is about as NIMBY as it gets.

Bloody library customers, coming round here, playing their loud music, swigging cheap lager and shooting up drugs.

No wait, that’s librarians.