The BBC accidentally called Nigel Farage an ANAL CYST

Credit: Euro Realist Newsletter -

We know that it is silly and childish to laugh at spelling mistakes in the media as journalists are under an incredibly amount of pressure to get content put out on time and in ridiculous quantities.

However, from time to time there is a typo that is so awesome that it deserves everyone’s undivided attention – the BBC made such a foul-up back in January 2017.

Nigel Farage, the ex-leader of UKIP, is a very divisive character. Love him or hate him, it seems like he is always in the news, and a few months ago there was a huge media buzz about his appointment as a Fox News ‘analyst.’

That’s ‘analyst.’ Now, what could possibly go wrong when repeating that word.

The BBC, for reasons best known only to them, made a teeny tiny boo-boo in an online news headline.

Although the Beeb were very quick to update the headline at their end, they weren’t quite so prompt in getting Facebook to refresh the headline that it automatically grabs.

The end result was that their many, many, many Facebook followers were presented with this absolute gem of a howler.

We shouldn’t laugh, but the fact that so many people agreed with the original makes it more than worthy of a mention here.

For any budding journalists of the future out there, please remember to always, always, ALWAYS refresh Facebook’s version of a URL ‘grab’ if changes are made.

In techy terms, it is called the Facebook URL Debugger. Google that, bookmark that, job done!



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