The APILN Daily: Monday 1st October – The great victoria sponge scandal


Right. OK. Since I stopped updating the old blog last year, I realise I’ve been missing out on a huge archive of Angry People posts that I put onto Facebook, which slip off the bottom of the page into oblivion a couple of days later.

And that’s not very good, is it?

So I’ve decided to post the links and best photos from the Facebook page onto this site on a daily basis so that their magnificence is preserved and indexed for the world to enjoy.

Think of it as a public service.

Monday 1st October 2018

Gloucestershire Live: Serial killer Rose West wins prison bake-off with victoria sponge

This is disgraceful. How the hell can you win a bake-off with a victoria sponge, the easiest of all cakes?

Wales Online: Popular American diner to be knocked down and turned into a cesspit

If you ever wanted some sort of indication as to how bad things are going for you, personally, now, this is it.

Wandsworth Guardian: Pensioner who put CCTV cameras up outside his flat is prosecuted by Wandsworth Council

Well done, Wandsworth. Well done.

WFTV: Florida grandmother pops out her teeth to scare off naked man on her back porch

This is all perfectly normal behaviour for Florida.


Derbyshire Times: Girl sent home from school for “repeatedly wearing tight trousers”

There’s nothing like a school uniform “Home You Go” story, and this is a school uniform “Home You Go” story, with a special mention for dad, Shane.

You tell those pencil-necked desk jockeys, dad.

Daily Mirror: The national press catches up with APILN at last after we go double entendre crazy over this Brighton Argus front page

What a time to be alive, eh readers?


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