The APILN Daily – 26 October: ‘During the War’


Uncle Albert! Flummoxed oldiewonks! Flying rubber johnnies! Here’s the best of today’s Angry People in Local Newspapers.

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Grimsby Live: ‘Used’ condom flies out of Co-op fridge and strikes shoppers

They’ve become sentient and will take over the world.

Stuff NZ: ‘Code brown’ effluent stench washes over Wellington suburb after heavy rain

It’s Uncle Albert!

Get Surrey: Communities team up to oppose new parcel depot

It’s the single raised fist that makes this.

Stuff NZ: Timaru tree mystery leaves them stumped

And here is a man who is the very dictionary definition of stumped.

NW Evening Mail: Heartless vandals smash up pupils’ pumpkins

If you’re after a suspect, look no further than that owl. That smirk is covering up a multitude of sins.

Metro: Man sacked for parading through warehouse in elephant thong

The Archbishop of Banterbury strikes again.

Essex Echo: Health and safety preventing Benfleet church from remembering fallen soldiers

If only they were part of a national religious organisation worth in excess of eight billion pounds which could pay for the safety work.

No. No, that’s ridiculous.


There Is News: Man arrested for putting fake arrow decals on the floor in IKEA and creating a labyrinth with no exit

I can’t believe people think this is real. But it is very, very funny.


The Scotsman: Boy, ten, turfed out of Nando’s while on date with his girlfriend


Nottingham Post: Man calls 999 because he refuses to break into a £10 for 3p at petrol station

More evidence, if it were needed, that our society is doomed.



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