The APILN Daily – 25 October: Attack of the radioactive bees


Mutant bees! Stolen custard creams! Pig entrails! It’s today’s collection of the best of Angry People in Local Newspapers.

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Bexley News Shopper: Bexleyheath Wetherspoons slammed for refusing the Archbishop of Banterbury’s order of mushy peas

Oi oi Saveloy!

CBC Canada: Animal guts and entrails splattered everywhere after truck makes abrupt stop in Montreal

If we are not mistaken, this is our first ever story involving two men pointing angrily at pig guts up a tree.

ABC Australia: Hundreds of bees mysteriously die in regional South Australia

This is perfectly normal. They have simply gone from a state of bee-ing to a state of not bee-ing.

Banbury Guardian: Frustration as nut thieves target farm three weeks in a row

After all the hideous animal deaths, one for the veggies out there.

North Wales Daily Post: Woman’s fears over construction of nuclear power plant next to her beekeeping business

She’s right, you know. We’re just one unfortunate and very unlikely accident away from swarms of giant bees roaming the countryside in what can only be described as BEEMAGEDDON.

Cornwall Live: Angry vegan left with nothing but crisps and nuts on seven hour flight

That sounds like my idea of heaven.


Dundee Evening Telegraph: Couple found sleeping in flat with a stolen sex toy and a packet of custard creams

We can forgive the clockwork cucumber, but custard cream theft is a crime against us all.

Brighton Argus: Poster claiming seagulls are government surveillance drones appears at station

Why the fuss? It’s true.



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