The APILN Daily – 16 October: ‘I looked a right idiot’


And here we go again with today’s best links from the world of Angry People in Local Newspapers.

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Somerset Live: It’s like we’re invisible’ claim angry Bath couple who waited two weeks for bin to be collected

Who said that? Am I hearing voices?

Brighton Argus: Clown pleas for help after losing size 16 shoe on bike ride

“I had to turn up at a kids’ party with one shoe on. I looked a right idiot”.

Mate, that’s your job.

Meanwhile, in Denmark:

Jydske Vestkysten: Head of the neighbourhood committee is FUMMIN because somebody painted their gate

Poor, angry Danish Gyles Brandreth.

Guernsey Press: Attempt to stop recycling blowing around backfires on woman

Who knew that putting your rubbish into a bin would be a bad thing?

Hull Daily Mail: I camped out for two days before Princess Eugenie’s wedding but nobody else showed up

Sucks to be you.

West Sussex County Times: Churches put on alert after spate of thefts in Horsham area

Trendy pointing vicar is going to forgive you. Forgive you to DEATH.

And in the world of weird news:

Doncaster Free Press: Shoppers shocked as couple accidentally upload their sex photos in packed Doncaster supermarket

And by ‘shocked’ they actually mean ‘delighted’.



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