The APILN (almost) Daily – 10th October: Totally flabbergasted


I vowed to do this every day, so obviously I got the flu and couldn’t be bothered for a week. Here we are then.

Here are your best Angry People in Local Newspapers links of the day, plus a few you might have missed.

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Aberdeen Press and Journal: Fifteen villages won’t get a free Christmas tree after supplies run out

Christmas is RUINED (and to rub it in, the newspaper’s file name for the photograph is “deathofchristmas.jpg”)

Essex Live: Does Billericay have the most expensive public toilet in the UK?

Ah, Terence Gandy, our favourite cravat-wearing former councillor, still on his public convenience crusade. Where would APILN be without him?

Waltham Forest Guardian: Replacement bin took three weeks to arrive after original is swallowed by a bin lorry

Look how he is stroking, caressing his bin. He won’t let it out of his sight.

Bucks Free Press: Frustrated residents left in the dark over broken street lights

Absloutely textbook arms-folded low level shot. Ten out of ten.

Leicester Mercury: Man ‘flabbergasted’ after police tell him to investigate theft of his bank card himself

People are only ever flabbergasted when speaking to newspapers. At all other times they are “absolutely ****ing steaming”, which is no way to go through life.

North Wales Leader: More needs to be done to stop speeding in Buckley

From the look of things, sending people out to stand in the middle of the road hasn’t helped.

And a few weird headlines you might have missed:

Manchester Evening News: Why are two naked women covered in jam sitting on a bench in Market Street?

In the words of Spike Milligan – “Everybody’s gotta be somewhere”

Devon Live: Old man on a bicycle helped himself to a bookcase in our front garden

Which beggars the questions: What was a bookcase doing in a front garden in the first place, and surely this is going to be the world’s slowest chase scene?

Bournemouth Echo: Hundreds of holidays cancelled as Sandy Balls gets £10m revamp

Because “Sandy Balls” is never not funny.



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