That time a woman thought a pervy ghost was stealing her underwear


Alas, this story from the happy-go-lucky year of 2014 no longer exists on the pages of the Hull Daily Mail, so we’re just doing to have to take the Daily Mirror’s word for this.

And the Express. And the Daily Mail. And the Daily Star.

Be that as it may, this is a mystery that may never be solved.

May. Never. Be. Solved.

Daily Mirror: Woman turns to hypo-excorism-therapy cobblers and the oxygen of the local and national press after pervy ghosts keep stealing her underwear

Luckily, I managed to save the key piece of text from the Hull Daily Mail story that shows – for once and for all – that this case of an older woman and her missing collection of frilly and flimsy under garments may never be solved.

And we quote:

“Pauline, who was living with her nephew at the time.”

Oh. Right. As you were. It WAS the ghosts.

And thus ends Sherlock’s easiest case, just don’t touch anything that even remotely resembles ectoplasm.

Because it probably isn’t ectoplasm.

Ghosts can and do turn up anywhere as this picture story proves:

Ham and High Express: Kiddiewinks appeal to London mayor to cut the pollution outside their school

This photograph remarkable in that it shows the ghost of a 1970s kid bang in the middle of the frame, and not one person in shot thinks this is any way remarkable.

It’s proof positive because kids back in the 1970s had no need for face masks, because acid house music was still over a decade away.

You’re welcome.