Tenant declares war on the council over the colour of his wall


To Aberdeen, where one man and his paintbrush are in a state of conflict with the pencil-necked desk-pilots at the local council.

He painted the wall of his council property gloss red to brighten it up a bit, but the geeks at the council offices were having none of it and painted over his handiwork, putting it back to its original dull, earthy hue.

And here we are:

Aberdeen Evening Express: Aberdeen couple ‘won’t give in’ after council restores wall to a different colour

The Evening Express takes up the story:

“I appreciate it’s a council property but surely to goodness they can see sense?

“It’s like a game of tennis, I’m putting the ball back in their court, serving an ace and they can’t handle it.

“I’m not giving in. The way they’re carrying on is ridiculous.”

Alas, it’s poor Scott here who is being ridiculous.

For one, it’s not his property to paint.

And for second, if the council were to cave in on this, every property in the street would be a different colour, and that would not do.

And all he wanted to do was add a bit of colour…

Aberdeen Evening Express: Council sees red over Aberdeen tenant’s painted wall

Now, I’ve just come up with a spunker of an idea that will quite possibly please everybody.

It’s clear that Scott isn’t going to move over his gloss red wall. He’s going to sneak out under the cover of darkness every night to keep his wall red.

Even if the council evicted him, he’s be living in a red cardboard box.

So let him keep his red wall, on one condition: He paints every wall in the city the same colour so that it matches.

You might need a bigger brush, mate.



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