Sweet shop owner says his haunted sweet shop isn’t haunted, but these toilets in Wales definitely are


Something is lurking among the Sherbet Lemons in Nigel Parrott’s sweet shop in Great Yarmouth. BUT IS IT A GHOST?

No. No, it is not. It is just Nigel, who is annoyed that everybody seems to think that his establishment is the most haunted sweet shop in the faded seaside glamour that could – quite frankly – do with every bit of publicity it can get.

Eastern Daily Press: Shopkeep would like you to know that his not-haunted sweet shop “Haunted Sweets of Great Yarmouth” isn’t haunted

And he should know, because he’s a Christian, and doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Except the Holy one. But that’s different.

He’s even got a nice poster to prove it.

Thank the Holy Ghost he has destroyed all the demonic paraphernalia. That shit gets down the back of the sofa and you can never get the stink out.

“As a sweet shop owner he takes no part in the Autumn festival seen by some as a commercial celebration of colourful confectionery.”

By which you mean Hallowe’en, mate.

Is this shop in Great Yarmouth haunted?

Is this shop in Great Yarmouth haunted? Full story: http://bit.ly/2xyYvhc

Posted by EDP 24 on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Each to his own, we suppose. If you’ve managed not to be put off by the massive picture of Nigel Farage as you enter the town, why not pop in if you’re in the area for a quarter of cough candy?

Unless you’re in Wales, then head to these toilets and someone will put the (UH-OH!) willies up you:

Wales Online: The loos opposite the Red Lion Hotel in Dinas Mawddwy, near Machynlleth are the most haunted toilets in Wales

People squeezing out a length say they have been disturbed by a mysterious silver haired man.

“The local legends say that this mystery silver fox hangs out in the remote village, usually at this public privy.”

As an expert on shitty news stories about ghosts, there is a simple explanation.

It’s doggers.

It’s always doggers.

Just wash your hands, get back into your car and get out of there.

Unless you’re a dogger too. Then help yourself.



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