Restaurant owner bans halal meat to fight ‘creeping shariah’ which doesn’t actually exist


He’s not racist but…

This guy is banning halal meat to fight something which he admits he hasn’t actually encountered.

And people have strong views about this, it turns out.

Hull Daily Mail: Restaurant owner bans halal meat from his tapas bar because he fears it could lead to creeping shariah law in the Hull and Humberside areas

Other things that are halal:

  • Orange juice
  • Corn Flakes
  • Shoulder rubs (depending on context)
  • Breathing

There is no creeping shariah law in Britain, no matter what Britain First try to tell you.

If you want to ban something in your eaterie, sir, dare I suggest and immediate bar on people who fart in their hands and throw it into somebody’s face. Haram.


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