Poundland customers forced to lick staff feet in humiliating prank


This has been one of our most popular stories for months, so it’s clear we had to set up a permanent memorial to this catalogue of idiocy.

Did we say popular? We meant “mental”.


Devon Live: Mother and daughter forced to be ridden like horses and to lick Poundworld workers’ feet in telephone scam

The bit that gets me is that they walked out of the store halfway through their “ordeal”, only to change their mind and go back for more.

And then it turns out they’re not the only ones. Mum’s gone to Iceland.

Devon Live: Iceland staff had to pretend to be a vacuum cleaner and lick shoes as mum and daughter fall for second telephone scam

Which leads us to ask:

a) Is this restricted to Devon?

b) How many times has this happened and not made the papers?

c) What would you do in a supermarket for £3,000?