Plymouth woman’s epic sadface over missing pizza


What do you do when Domino’s get your pizza order wrong and you’ve been left waiting a week for the replacement?

The correct answer is: Put on your best sadface and go to the local paper.

Vicky here is therefore winning at life, even if she is down to the tune of one pizza.

Plymouth Herald: Woman waits a week for replacement pizza and may actually die of starvation

And it’s true — people have actually died of starvation while waiting for their pizza, and then their dogs have eaten them, and the lack of a body means that there’s no evidence and Big Pizza gets off scot free.

I am not mad.

And heaven knows how pizza makes people angry:

Irvine Times: Man banned from Asda after row over allegedly switching price tags on a price-reduced pizza

Look bloke, they’re doing you a favour.


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