One man and his sweet love for twenty quid’s worth of vinyl and realistic facial expressions


It looks like you can’t get privacy anywhere these days.

All you want to do is to take your inflatable sex doll for a bit of sweet, sweet loving in a quiet north Hampshire hotel, and suddenly the whole world knows.

Basingstoke Gazette: ‘Disgusting’ sex doll seen in Hook hotel window

Of course the main concern is that the kiddiewinks might see it, and this fear is well founded as the little sods won’t shut up about getting a lady balloon of their own.

In the name of research, your Angry People In Local Newspapers team may pop along there tomorrow to a) see if it is still there, and b) to ask about single room rates. We’re local, and there’s a nice carvery place nearby.

Wish us well. We love a carvery.


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