Nazis who can’t draw swastikas STRIKE AGAIN


Nazis are never the most intelligent sort of people, as their inability to draw their own fascist symbol proves time and again.

And the latest manifestation of this phenomenon comes from Essex, where the local knuckle-dragger dragged his bones down to the offices of the local newspaper to give them a piece of his tiny mind.

With green paint. And a lack of hand-eye coordination that would do his Nazi comrades proud.

Braintree and Witham Times: Editorial staff arrive at work at the Braintree and Witham Times to find that they’ve been visited by rubbish Nazis

If you know who did this, please spend several minutes pointing and laughing at them, then call Essex Police.

And as these photos prove, Nazis across the world have genuine problems with drawing swastikas.

The “Go Trump” is an added bonus, just to confirm they were probably dfropped on their head as a child.

We have two words for this one, and they are “Shit Tetris”.

And this one, shamelessly stolen from our pals at The Poke, demonstrates the artist’s inability to draw a simple shape comprising a mere two lines, but also that they know the lower-case letter I comes with a little dot. Bless.

Meanwhile, over in America… Alabama Nazis can’t draw swastikas either …and neither can New Jersey Nazis

Top tip, lads. Before leaving home to go and scrawl swastikas all over public areas, practice first. Ask your mum for a colouring book and some crayons and work up from there.

And while we’re here, this is obligatory:

I hate Illinois Nazis.


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