More than £20,000 has been raised for Katie Hopkins after she lost her Daily Mail job today


You may have heard by now that the delightful Katie Hopkins has left her position at the Daily Mail by ‘mutual consent’ today, and so a very kind-hearted member of the public has decided to set up a fundraising appeal for her in her hour of need – amazingly it has already raised more than £20,000 including Gift Aid.

If you want to dig deep to help this damsel in distress, the link is here.

Before you go chucking your computer/laptop/phone/tablet/smart TV through the nearest window, all is not quite as it seems.

This fundraising page is actually an ongoing joke by the ‘joke page’ Southend News Network, and every time Ms Hopkins suffers some sort of devastating blow they just change the JustGiving title to suit.

The page was originally set up to cover her legal fees and damages when she was found t have libelled the food blogger Jack Monroe, and just snowballed from there. It even made The Indy and the Huffington Post.

It has actually raised an extraordinary amount of money since March 2017 for the food bank charity The Trussell Trust (a good cause that she actually attacked once), and the great thing is that it is all double-legal as the page has been approved by JustGiving themselves.

To be honest, the thought of Hopkins’ admirers chucking their hard-earned into the very worthy pockets of this charity does make us giggle, but just to clarify – the whole ‘joke’ is watertight with disclaimers aplenty.

So, in conclusion, share away …


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