More first world problems as man ‘is forced to move bins’


It looks like we’re having a First World Problems Monday here today as people go running to the press about their struggles with the modern world.

And as we’ve said before (and will certainly say again), there’s nothing that winds people up more in the UK than bins.

You could have the army shooting people to death in the streets, but the letters pages will still be full of moans about refuse collections.

Leigh Journal: Driver says he was ‘forced’ to move six bins out of the way after bin collection

He even had to change his suit.

But if you’ve got any sympathy for the chap, please remember that he is a property developer and has hot and cold suits coming out of the taps.

Wolverhampton Express and Echo: Six bins? You lucky bastard. We have to move sixteen bins out of our way every week

Yep, your sixteen bins make Essex Man’s six look puny in comparison.



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