Lord Buckethead has indoctrinated the kiddiewinks and nobody’s batted an eyelid


The iconic image of any general election in the UK is usually the victorious party leader arriving at Number 10 to take on the task of running the country.

Not the first election of 2017. Oh no.

This year it’s the sight of a man with a cape, a very tall head and spray-painted cricket pads striking a pose on the podium at Maidenhead’s Magnet leisure centre while Theresa May looks slightly embarrassed in the Donald Trump hand-holding outfit that has served the nation so well in the past.

You would think that Buckethead is exactly the kind of person we need right now – strong and stable in the galactic interest. But do we really need another evil overlord now in an age when we already have angry Wotsit Donald Trump in charge?

And that’s why we can’t have him messing with the minds of our kiddiewinks.

Maidenhead Advertiser: Maidenhead parliamentary candidate Lord Buckethead messes with the minds of our kiddiewinks

Oh. No.

And I can’t be certain, but I expect some of those buckets may have been used to clean up turds, and other tasks possibly also involving turds.

Are turds what our kids want?

No. Look at what you have done, Buckethead.