Kim Jong-un reading from a piece of paper is the meme that keeps on giving


One thing led to another while I was watching North Korean television yesterday (shut up), and I uploaded a screen grab of Kim Jong-un reading from a piece of paper onto Twitter with a vaguely amusing caption.

This one, in fact:

…and you won’t believe what happened next. Actually you will, because loads of other people joined in, and I had accidentally created what’s known as a meme.

The Young Ones reference:

Another The Young Ones reference, in reply to the original The Young Ones reference:

The Radio Four Friday night comedy reference:

The Morecambe and Wise curtain gag:

The crappy night club reference:

The Blind Date reference:

The fat Stewart Lee reference:

The Two Ronnies reference:

The Blackadder reference:

The best man’s wedding speech reference:

The Bingo reference:

The American Werewolf in London reference:

The Cheeky Girls reference:

And – of course – the internet chum advert reference:

The Supreme Leader regrets to announce…

Entirely unrelated, but The Terminator reference:

Not to mention Nick Knowles:

And still they keep coming…


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