Kids spot ‘huge’ jellyfish at local beach and now they are too terrified to watch Finding Nemo


There has been some fresh kiddiewink terror over the weekend after two children were playing on a beach at Thorney Bay on Canvey Island in Essex and they spotted what have been described on a Facebook group as ‘huge’ jellyfish.’

According to Canvey mum Zoey Smith, the whole experience has left Marcus (9) and Casey (3) too terrified to sit through Finding Nemo and other kids TV shows and movies that are based on the deep blue sea.

That’s The Little Mermaid out of the question as well then, which is a real shame.

How many childhoods have been permanently brightened up by that rendition of Under The Sea by that singing crab fellow?

Zoey, who runs the One Love Soup Kitchen project in Southend On Sea feeding the local homeless twice a week (so we won’t be too hard on mum or the kiddiewinks here), has already had questions from the local press over the incident that she reported on Sunday.

Luckily an APILN ‘reporter’ was able to get in there pronto.

If you want to get the ABSOLUTELY latest developments on this ongoing saga, you can apply to join the group called Canvey Island Than And Now.

Also, in case you haven’t heard of Canvey Island, it’s technically a peninsular town that rests just south of Benfleet on the Essex ‘Riviera.’

We should also point out that the local residents undertake a huge amount of community-based activities to keep their coastline clean and tidy. Friends Of Concord Beach is a nearby project that springs to mind.

How long will it be until Terrified Children In Local Facebook Groups takes off?


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