Kiddiewink is being kept awake at night by farting noises coming from nearby car park


Who – we ask again – is going to think of the kiddiewinks?

This kiddiewink in question is being kept awake at night by loudspeakers at a nearby car park designed to keep hoons and other troublemakers at bay.

Hoons, people. Hoons.

Worcester News: Anti-hoon megaphones are keeping this kiddiewink awake at night with their constant farting noises

Luckily, the noises have gone, to be replaced, once again, by the calming noise of hoons revving their car engines.

If you didn’t already realise, “hoons” is the Australian word for “boy racers”.

Dandenong Leader: Police launch task force to crack down on hoons and drag racers

Another attempt in my doomed campaign to introduce the word hoon into British English.

That’s HOON.


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