IT A STICH UP – A salute to shoddy homemade protest signs

If you’re going to make an appearance in a local newspaper as an angry person, it’s vital that you are photographed in such a way that people know what you are angry about.

This is called context.

But for the love of everything that is holy, do not knock up a sign out of plywood and old felt tip pens the night before, because in the cold light of day it will look exactly like something knocked out of plywood and old felt tip pens the night before.

Just take a look at these chumps:

Essex Echo: Protesters knock out a sign from plywood and felt tip pens against the building of a sea wall

And they won their campaign, so what do we know?

Oxford Times: Campaigners demonstrate outside British Gas HQ about prices rises

That’s not even a very good jupmer.

Ripon Gazette: Customer stages one-man protest against queuing times in his local Morrisons

It’s been four years since this particular story was a thing, and I still lie awake at night wondering what the hell his sign is supposed to mean.

And ironically, by wasting his time by standing outside a supermarket all day in a protest about the supermarket wasting his time, he has completed wasted his time.

We presume that time (about five minutes) was also wasted in sign manufacture.

Watford Observer: Police ask local character to do something about the homemade sign on the back of his truck, decides not to accept their advice

Still you can’t fault his spelling.

If you’re going to work with a home made sign, at least get a proper artist to make it for you.

Wales Online: Man in smock makes his own road signs after people looking for heritage mine museum keep driving down his road by mistake

Smock – check

Beret – check

Some sort of neckerchief arrangement – check

Yep, he’s an artist. And his sign still looks like a semi-flaccid penis.