Is Henley-on-Thames the dull news capital of the UK?


Home of the Regatta.

A town that has boasted both Michael Heseltine and Boris Johnson as its MP.

And quite possibly some of the dullest local news in the history of the world.

For this we have the Henley Standard to thank, an increasingly rare example of an independent local newspaper that continues to keep its head above water by reporting the minutiae of everyday life in the town.

Mostly, it’s bins.

Henley Standard: Two new bins for town

Henley Standard: Litter bins removed from town

But sometimes they go off topic:

Henley Standard: Weeds spotted growing through pavement

Henley Standard: New manager for town hall

And sometimes it all kicks off and nobody knows what to do:

Henley Standard: Council to replace four notice boards

Henley Standard: Mayor “to take a ride on a bus”

The damn fool! What does he think he’s doing?!

And here’s the challenge: Does your town boast duller news than Henley? Prove it in the comments below.

Let’s hear it for Henley!






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