I punched a bear in the face – Angry People in Local Newspapers 12 November


Punching bears! Crudely-drawn penis graffiti! FUMMIN kiddiewinks! FUMMIN Oldiewonks! Here’s the weekend’s best Angry People in Local Newspapers stories.

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The Tab: Students wake up to find shoddy graffiti penises on their front doors

Where, we ask, is the spuff?

Basingstoke Gazette: Residents warned about dog poo

This is the very reason we set up this site – to document glum people and appointed officials getting crooss about dog crap. In Basingstoke.

Stoke Sentinel: Driver Ron slams supermarket garage after being told he needs to pay 50p to put air in his van tyres

It used to be free, but that’s inflation for you.

Courier Mail: Anger over plans for crematorium near old people’s home

Look, it’s just moving a service closer to the supply. Think of the hearse journeys they’re saving.

Shields Gazette: Dance mums fined hundreds after falling victim of controversial bus lane camera

Come on, you’re dancers – where are the jazz hands?

Leicester Mercury: Couple left freezing for over a week after boiler fails

Perhaps best not to wear a jumper full of holes.

Eastern Daily Press: Cabinet maker in dispute with local authority over use of artificial wood cladding materials

The most contentious case of fake wood since the discovery of Viagra.


ABC News: Man, 78, comes face-to-face with bear, punches bear in the face


Channel News Asia: Family stays away as Japanese man marries hologram

Japan’s gonna Japan.