I found some stupid photos and some kids who are not binoculars


Look, still trying to find out if this website is working as it should, so here’s a load of stupid crap to keep you happy.

Yeah, alright the New York Times, stop showing off.

Sweet baby Jebus, this looks important.

Haven’t we all, at some time or other, had our brioche stolen by a hungry dog?

Just me then. And this baby.

Newspaper letters are cursed with bad poetry.

Everybody thinks they’re a poet when – in fact – they’re not.

So fair play to The Irish Times for setting out their stall.

Dear American news website which scrapes the internet of other people’s content and then parses it with a particularly stupid profanity filter, the rugby union term you are looking for here is “hooker”. You’re welcome.

I dunno, some people will complain about ANYTHING.

They even get free axe throwing and still they moan.

Things which are not binoculars – a short series of things which are not binoculars: no.1 These people are not binoculars.

Thus ends our short series called “Things which are not binoculars”.