Hull Council builds a fence across a man’s drive, have the front to ask him for feedback


Another one from the “You Had One Job” file.

A big round of applause for contractors working for Hull City Council who left their brains at home when they went out to work.

Hull Daily Mail:¬†Council asks for feedback after cutting man’s drive in half with new fence

I’m not a betting man, but I am pretty certain his feed back would be “You are all idiots”.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a very nice fence. It is merely – as fences go – a bit too enthusiastic.

It’s like the fence guy arrived on site, got their tools and and remarked “You know what I really like? Building fences.” So they built a fence. Then a bit more fence, and just before they knocked off for the day, quite a lot more fence.

Then home to the loving bosom of his (or her) family, and a good night’s sleep, dreaming about building fences and scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup final.

That can be the only explanation for this one as well.

York Press: Former councillor in actual head-scratching display of puzzlement after workers manage to build a set of railings which pass through a set of goal posts

I guess they didn’t realise that they had [puts on sunglasses] scored an own-goal!!!111!

Get to the park, start building the railings, and it’s all “Do you know what I like? Football, and building railings. And at last I am now able to bring the two together.”

These people are not idiots. They are dreamers. Do not blame them for following their dreams.


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