Home you go! The 2018 school uniform fury season is OPEN


It’s a new school year, which can only mean one thing – scores of children sent home from school for minor uniform infractions and their angry parents going to the local newspaper.

Of course, going to the paper is the only way to get things done these days, which means FUMMIN parents are photographed in a state of high dudgeon, while their offspring – forced front-and-centre – look faintly embarrassed by the fact they they are having to stick their heads above the battlements.

And the prize for the first of the new HOME YOU GO season goes to…

Wrexham Leader: Row over uniform after 90 pupils sent home from school on the first day

Inappropriate skirts and flouting of the No Trainers rule mean the kiddiewinks got a firm HOME YOU GO from the head teacher.

And this one looks likely to run and run, with one parent warning “I will be sending my kids to school in the same stuff again.”


Meanwhile, in America

NJ.com: Uniform violations see pupils tossed from school

White stripe on your trainers? HOME YOU GO!

They all seem pretty cool about it, to be honest.

And while not strictly HOME YOU GO, this is textbook stuff in its own way…

Liverpool Echo: Mum FUMMIN after receiving demand for £1 owing from last school year’s bus fares

Textbook holding up for the letter while the kiddiewink holds up the pound coin that the authorities can stuff up their arse.

And here’s a tip for parents everywhere: To avoid having to sew your child’s name into all their new school clothes, simply name them Hugo Boss.

And while you’re here – the Angry People in Local Newspapers book will be published by Penguin in November.

Pre-order this award-worthy piece of literary genius today!

Back to HOME YOU GO – this one might be a bit on the fakey side:

Southend News Network: Prince George sent home on his first day of school for wearing the wrong trousers

“I could have you killed, you know”.



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