Goose in a pram, it’s serious – APILN Daily 29 October


A goose in a pram! That bloke out of The Fast Show! A heroic elk! It’s only the best of Angry People in Local Newspapers from the last weekend.

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Stoke Sentinel: Local resident ‘teed off’ as golf club starts mowing greens at 6.30am

You can’t fool us, that’s Charlie Higson’s Johnny Nice Painter character from The Fast Show.

And who said red braces were back in? Red braces are not back in.

Manukau Courier: Mysterious mess on grass verges leaves Auckland resident fuming

They’re called “rocks”, Vance. Rocks.

Dundee Evening Telegraph: Man fights bus lane fine for car he hasn’t owned since 2014

Alas, due to the multi-dimensional nature of time, there are still sufficient alternative universes wjhere he does still own that car, so pay up.

The West Australian: Kids fight to save the home-made adventure playground

The big problem with this gang is that they lack a scruffy dog and lashings of ginger ale, and for that they deserve to see their camp slashed and burned by The Man.


Gloucestershire Live: Goose spotted in a pram in Cheltenham

Further proof, if it were needed, that Cheltenham is cursed.

The Local: Elk stops children in Sweden getting on school bus

That bus eventually fell over a ravine and exploded, and the elk is now being feted as a hero.

Kent Messenger: Flood shuts Superdry store


NZ Herald: Man creates stir with unusual taxidermy pieces

Kill them! Kill them with fire and sticks!



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