From the Archives: Mum goes to war with school over cheese in school lunches

What’s the hill you’re prepared to die on? Fighting racism? Kicking hatred out of society? How about cheese in school lunches?

I myself am prepared to fight to the death over the new one pound coins, but then they should never have got rid of those fivers you had to fold half a dozen times before you could fit them in your wallet.

Also, then they stopped building the Austin Allegro, that was a dark day as well in the Angry household.

But this mum, well…

Sadly the story’s not online any more but here’s the gist:

Nottingham Post: Mum wants school to stop serving her son meals with cheese in them because he doesn’t like cheese and he doesn’t have it at home, apart from this block, which is just a photographer’s prop to show how much he doesn’t like cheese in the most literal manner possible

Let’s make this clear. Logan’s mum wants the school to stop serving cheese because young Logan here doesn’t like cheese.

The sensible response by the school – of course – would be to hold a week long month long festival of cheese, which is obligatory for all pupils unless they’re lactose intolerant.

And kids who are lack toast and tolerant as well.

In further news from the world of dairy products:

Northern Echo: Diners warned that local takeaways are passing off ‘false cheese’ 

Whatever false cheese is, and what goes into it is something we do not wish to know.

But here is the false cheese in production:

It’s great to see people so happy in their work, isn’t it?