Fine for bad parking could have been spent on the kiddiewinks, says mum


If you park badly these days, you get a fine.

But – you know – it’s got to be somebody else’s fault somehow. AND MAYBE SHE’S RIGHT.

And maybe there’s a solution that suits everybody.

Eastern Daily Press: Mum blames council car parks’ lack of kiddiewink parking spaces for £50 fine for parking over the lines

That’s fifty notes that could have been spent on the kiddiewinks in the summer holidays. And now they will have to stay at home watching Peppa Pig over and over and over and over.

Look, it’s quite simple. Park normally, and have the kiddiewinks climb out through the hatchback. Everybody does it, even radio’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

Radio’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon has never had to pay a £50 fine for parking his Range Rover over the lines because of his panther-like ability to get in and out through the back door.

And you can too, simply by broadcasting the same radio show every day for 30 years.


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