Facebook mum SHOCKED that daughter’s sixth birthday is EXACTLY six years after her birth

Yes you did read that correctly. A mum on Facebook has acted like it is the biggest coincidence ever that her six-year-old daughter’s sixth birthday is exactly six years after the date of her birth. 

We know right? Awe-inspiring. It’s like it’s some sort of divine message from the guy upstairs.

Congrats hun!

This is just one of many examples of utter Facebook madness available on U OK hun – a new Facebook page run by one of our content writers over here. 

10,000 likes in just three days can’t be bad.

It promises to be a sort-of crowdsourced Aladdin’s Cave of Facebook poop to showcase ‘the very worst of Facebook,’ and it hasn’t disappointed so far.

Simple typos (childish, but snigger snigger), buy and sell group nightmares, threats of violence, this group will make your teeth itch.

If you are a fellow grammar pedant, it will make everything itch.

As a very special treat, here are some more belters from the page. Names removed to protect the poor buggers.

That link again (LIKE IT) is U OK hun?