Duolingo keeps trying to pick a fight with me

Everybody knows how aggressive that owls gets, especially when you skip a couple of days. ut this is going too far et je telephone a la police.


Quiet night down the pub, and this happens. Duolingo’s been on the sherbet again and sending small boys with less-than-veiled threats to my safety.

Look Junior, I’ll take you on, in the car park outside. But don’t bring the owl, I don’t fight wild animals.

Look, I just said – I don’t fight with wild animals. Especially Beefy Dave.

Christ alive – for the third time – NO WILD ANIMALS.

Clowns are feral beasts and should be dealt with by the proper authorities in an appropriate manner. See also mimes, which are exactly the same, only quieter.

That being said, I have a lot of time for Duolingo, because sometimes it’s clearly thinking what I’m thinking.

You can never have too much cheese.

But sometimes… sometimes… it’s just to sarcastic for its own good.

Look, I sold the BMW, and the Peugeot’s good enough for me. At least it’s not a Kia.

And also:

That’s just rubbing your nose in it. Screw you, Duolingo owl. Screw you.

Shots fired…

Whatever happens on Duolingo stays on Duolingo.

Sometimes I just can’t seem to keep up with the pace it’s setting.

Your help with this particular phrase from the German course will be much appreciated.

One thing on the plus side: French Duolingo has an elephant in Junior’s garden.
Once again, the Simpsons saw it coming.

In summary…