Dull News in Local Newspapers


You edit a local title, you’ve got 32 editorial pages to fill, and literally nothing’s happening in town. What do you do?

Answer: Your very best.

Maidenhead Advertiser: Road workers can’t spell “bus”

It’s a toughie to be honest. I had to look it up. (Spotter: Rob A)

Essex Live: Man in bid to build shed

Godspeed to you, sir, in this noblest of quests.

Portsmouth News: Hitler appears on a draining board

That’s your master race for you, always showing up in the worst places (Spotter: James)

Kent Online: Bin catches fire

Update: Whole of Kent now on fire. (Spotter: Mark)

And finally…

It’s all gone off in Tunbridge Wells, where the title of Best Weekly Newspaper hangs in the balance. (Spotter: Hannah)


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