Drivers pile on as private parking contractor at hospital sends out incorrect fines


Three angry people for the price of one in this story, as yet another private parking contractor working for the NHS sends out fines like they’re …err… really fine.

But they’re not fine (See what I did there?) as drivers pile on through the pages of their local newspaper against the pencil-necked desk-jockeys who refuse to take no for an answer.

Eastern Daily Press: ‘Parking parasites’ company sends out incorrect fines to drivers parking at Norwich Community Hospital

Funny, though, how these fines are cancelled the second they’re exposed in the local press. But that would be nothing to do with the bad publicity.

Look at this guy – he’s so angry to be charged £140 that he has literally unscrewed his number plate from his car and beaten a parking warden to death with it, and not a single court in the land would dare convict him because he was driven to cold blooded murder by pencil-necked desk-jockeys who like nothing better than taking the oldiewonks for every penny they’ve got, then going for a huge holiday in the Bahamas.

And it’s happening everywhere, because parking companies are terrible.

Portsmouth News: Patient told he didn’t need a parking ticket surprised to learn that he DID need a parking ticket

Now I know rules are rules, but look at the size of him. Rules do not apply to anybody who is built like a brick shithouse and can destroy you with a single look.

Just let him off and we will never speak of this again.




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